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A hand of a hearing health care specialist placing rechargeable hearing aids into a stylish hearing aid charging case to charge the battery.

6 Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

In this guide, we explore the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids and highlight the ways this seemingly simple feature can enhance your hearing experience and overall quality of life.

Older adult man man holding an AI hearing aid in hand on foreground, close-up.

The Life Changing Benefits of AI Hearing Aids

The benefits of AI hearing aids extend far beyond improved hearing, offering a revolutionary approach to hearing healthcare and an enhanced quality of life overall.  

A group of older adult friends sitting in a restaurant happily talking and enjoying coffee, symbolizing how ai hearing aids help with speech clarity even in challenging listening environments

How AI Hearing Aids Help with Speech Clarity

In this guide, we explore how AI hearing aids help with speech clarity and the innovative technology these devices use to enhance communication in even the most challenging environments.

How AI is Revolutionizing Hearing Aid Technology 

In recent years, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has reshaped the landscape of technology forever, with an especially transformative impact on hearing aids. In this article, we examine how AI is revolutionizing hearing aid technology, and explore the numerous benefits these highly adaptive devices provide. 

Young woman with Bluetooth hearing aids using laptop at home

Are There Hearing Aids That Connect to Bluetooth?

In this guide, we will explore the world of Bluetooth hearing aids and look at some of the many ways these cutting-edge devices can enhance not only your hearing, but your quality of life as well. 

2 older men on park bench with canes. One is leaning in to hear as other puts hand near mouth to speak at him.

9 Consequences of Putting Off Hearing Aids 

Untreated hearing loss can have far-ranging negative effects on social connections, mental wellness, and even cognitive health. In this article, we outline the biggest repercussions of untreated hearing loss, shedding light on the importance of timely intervention and the transformative power of hearing aids. 

Hands with painted nails holding display of several hearing aids in front of lab coat with more hearing aids on white table below

How Often Should I Upgrade My Hearing Aids? 

Whether it’s due to changes in your hearing, overall health, or lifestyle, upgrading your hearing aids can significantly enhance your hearing experience and overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore when and how often to upgrade your hearing aids for your best hearing experience, including five reasons to upgrade your hearing aids now.

Tips for Traveling with Your Hearing Aids 

Hearing aids are designed to be a large part of our daily lives and should be one of the first things on your packing list when it is time for a trip. Whether you are traveling for work or for fun, it is important to have a few tricks in mind when you travel with […]

Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids vs. Prescription Hearing Aids: What’s the Difference?

Recently, the FDA released its final regulations on over-the-counter hearing aids. This regulation introduced an entirely new category of hearing aids called “over the counter” or “OTC.” OTC hearing aids officially became available Monday, October 17th, and will be an additional option to the existing category of hearing aids that the FDA now refers to as “prescription.” As […]

Why is it Important to Upgrade Your Hearing?

Why upgrade your hearing? If you are aware that you are having difficulty hearing, it’s probably time for an upgrade.  Don’t let the word “Upgrade” be a cause for anxiety, there are simple things that can give your ability to communicate a boost. Simple Things: More Help The question is “Why upgrade your hearing?” Hearing […]

How long should my hearing aids last?

Typically, hearing aids will last three to five years depending on usage, but various things can affect a hearing aid’s lifetime. Do you wear them all day every day? Do you live in a humid or dusty environment? Do you take good care of them? Hearing aids can function longer than five years, but many […]

How Colder Weather Might Affect Your Hearing Aid

During the winter, the biggest threat to hearing aids is moisture. The problem with cold weather is that it often includes rapid changes in temperature to your device. If you’re outside, the drop in temperature might be extreme from that of a heated home or car. These rapid changes in temperature can produce condensation on […]

How Has Hearing Aid Tech Evolved

The recorded history of hearing loss goes back hundreds of years. People have created technology to correct it since the first pre-historic human found that cupping a hand behind one ear amplified sound. Today’s hearing aid technology is still evolving, and has come a long way since the days of the very first attempts to […]

How Hearing Aid Technology Works

Hearing aids have come a long way since their inception. Today’s sleek models can be virtually invisible, making them a discreet way to remedy a hearing issue and a much more practical option than the cumbersome hearing aids of the past. Other designs can be configured for direct wireless connection to mobile phones and may […]

Hearing Aid Myths Exposed

Sometimes we love to mislead ourselves by believing what we want to believe or believing what others tell us to believe.  As Dr. H. Gustav Mueller once said, “You have to hear what you don’t want to hear to know what you don’t want to hear.”  For example, did you know that Thomas Edison didn’t […]

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